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Travel Time: Introduction

As a kid, I have always known that the world was a beautiful place full of different cultures and adventure. I have always been intrigued by nature and other places; whether it be on the discovery channel, on a brochure, books or even the little screen savers on computers. As I began to get older, I started telling myself that "I am going to be a domestic & international traveler no matter what" and that is exactly what I am doing. "Travel time" will be my blog segments where I will let you guys/gals in on my travel experiences. I will discuss where I visit, the activities I do, the languages, my expenses, and the food, with pictures of it all. This introduction blog will give a brief(not all, due to multiple places in one blog) insight to the places that I have traveled thus far but those from here on out will focus on the place that I am in at that moment. Hopefully you will be encouraged to be a world explorer yourself. Now let's dive in!

California. Let's start with my most recent adventures. 2019 was a big domestic travel year for me. In the spring I traveled to Lake Elsinore California, which is a small rural town located about an hour from Los Angeles. I traveled here strictly for the scenery. I used it as a quick get away trip. This was my place to relax and take in the fresh California air. The most cost efficient way to travel to Lake Elsinore is by flying into LAX and driving into the small town by way of a rental vehicle. I saved a lot of money on room and board by staying with family plus food was not much of an expense because they went grocery shopping before I arrived. The majority of my short, three day weekend was spent driving through the green mountains and relaxing as I sat at the top and gazed at the sunset falling over the beautiful lake surrounded by the local residence. On day two, I drove an hour away just to eat at the infamous Lucille's Restaurant and later Roscoes Chicken and Waffles.I would always get the Obama special when I ate at Roscoes Just driving on the California highways, viewing the snow capped mountains and palm trees was what that weekend was about. The next time I am there I will visit for tourist attraction to share.

The Capital City. Later on in the Spring I took a trip to Washington D.C. I flew into Ronald Reagan Washington National airport in Virgina, which is the airport that services as the main airport for the DMV(D.C., Maryland, and Virgina). Upon arrival I called an uber to take me to my hotel in downtown D.C., which was five minutes away from the state capital. After dropping my bags at my hotel, I began to walk for about 5 or 6 miles viewing the ancient architecture that the city had to offer until my legs got tired and I decided to call an uber to take me to view historical monuments. The first place I was dropped off to was the White House. Well not exactly to the White House but about two blocks from the White House because it was only so close that vehicles could get. It was very serious business out there. Security was heavy EVERYWHERE surrounding the big white headquarter of the president. There was this one old guy who sat outside off the White House with a plethora of signs with Trump's face on it that had all kinds of derogatory slangs on it. He boldly denounced Trump through his bull horn right in front of security. Talk about freedom of speech! After taking a couple of pictures in front of the big house, I then walked down to the Lincoln Memorial where the infamous March on Washington took place. This is where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous "I Have a Dream" speech. From the moment I hit the grounds I realized that I was standing on the grounds of history. I took a long hike up the 87 steps leading to the Lincoln Memorial to discover how huge the memorial actually was and the deep inscriptions carved in the walls surrounding me. The next day I went to the National Museum of African American History and Culture. It was amazing. It was everything black history. If I can recall, the museum was 4 floors of African history and artifacts that took me through a time travel of black history. The key to getting into the museum is to GET YOUR TICKETS IN ADVANCE. Those tickets are in high demand so it may be tough to get them a day or two before. Tickets usually open up about a week or so before your desired date. Some people are lucky enough to walk in the day of but I would not chance it. I viewed serval other spots and ate the local cuisine, which was mainly bbq. When traveling to D.C. check the weather early and pack an umbrella.

Summer Time Chi was amazing. Over the summer I visited Chicago, IL. The initial plan was to travel by uber BUT I did not realize that it was Lollapalooza weekend until those uber prices popped on my screen. It was best that I rented a car. Rule number 1, the prices of public transportation shoots up on event weekends. Noted! The first thing I did was go toward the infamous Chicago deep dish pizza. Pizano's Pizza & Pasta is the wAvE. That pizza was the best I have ever had!! Italian poboys are also really hot in Chicago but I was not feeling it at all. Besides eating, which I did a lot of, I rode by Obama's Chicago home, went canyoning on the Chicago river, visited the Chicago Theater, stood under the giant Chicago Bean, and rode down the river walk. The highlight of my trip was probably the way I got to these places: THE SUBWAY. It was was my first time ever been on a subway and I thoroughly enjoyed the rides. To me, that was what the big city is all about, experiencing the way the locals live and travel. Outside of Chicago, I drove about 40 minutes out to Gary, Indiana to visit the house of the Jackson 5 grew up in. I definitely will visit the Chi again in the future.

Island Life. The other three places I have traveled are Montego Bay Jamaica, Mexico, and the Cayman Islands. I will not go into great details but just know they were beautiful. I rode jet skis in the Cayman, zip lined in Jamaica, and shopped in Mexico.

These were only short descriptions of the few recent places that I have been. I would have been writing for days if I were to go into great detail about each single place but I will go into grand detail about the places I go from here on out because I will be documenting as I go along. Live in the action! I am very excited to share my journey with you all. Follow me! Let's travel together! It's plenty of world to see!

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