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Beginning- Sports

Sports were always my thing. I loved to watch them, play them, become one with the sport ya know. Seeing that my parents are both under 5'7, my genetics spelled short man all over them, so I have always been in the top three shortest(if not the shortest) people on literally every sports team I have played on. If I was not the tallest, I would at least be the strongest! Even when I played youth basketball, I used to come home after practice and do thirty push ups after every practice. No little boy here!

Girls Love Fake Buff Little Boys

Around the 8th grade is when I realized how abs and a little arm definition made little middle school girls drool. Now that I look back on it, I was sooooo small BUT a young brother had the abs poppin'!! Thats the only thing girls cared about. They didn't know any better. After basketball practice I made it my point to strip off my sweaty practice jersey and walk around the gym with that little bird chest out. BUT once again, don't sleep on the ab game. Not to mention cross country practice. What Shirt??? It was embedded in me that until girls started to find fluffy boys attractive, I was going to continue to exercise and keep that little boy body "cut" at least.

Big Bro

If anyone knows my older brother, they know that in his high school days he was shredded; eight pack, chest rounded and poking out, and you could see every muscle in his back. He was an amateur boxer and football player who trained just about every single day. He was as much in love with the gym then than I am now. Seeing him in this element made me began to workout everyday; whether it was push-ups, sit ups, running, or bench pressing(really the only thing I considered weight lifting back then). On top of being noticed for his physique, people were scared of him. As a little guy, having people fear me seemed so cool! (I don't think anyone has ever been scared of me).


As I began to get older, I fell in love with outdoor activities. Running and biking were/are two of the most refreshing past times for me but in order to enjoy them while I perform, I had to learn how to get better at both. It's no fun running .5 of a mile then feeling like your chest is about to explode. It's also no fun running that same distance and your legs start to feel like oodles and noodles. This became the point when I started studying Anatomy on my own. Learning how the body functions and how building certain muscles was not only important to the aesthetics of my body but also my performance.

Experimenting with my Body

It is amazing to me that I have the power to change my body into whatever I would like it to be. If I want it to be ectomorph(lean and long), I couldn't because I am not tall. The lean part is possible though. If I wanted it to be endomorph(big, high body fat), I could. If I wanted it to be mesomorph(muscular and well built), I definitely have control of it. As I began to tune in to fitness competitions and physique shows, I took note of all of the different kinds of body types these athletes possessed. Then came the time when I wanted to experiment with each body type myself. At one point I started lifting really heavy and trying to get as big as I possibly could. At another point, I laid off of heavy lifting and performed cross lifting. I have went from small and lean, to big and strong, then in between. These days I try to mix multiple workout regiments.

This Very Moment and Day

Today, I work out mainly for health, performance, and aesthetics. Cardio is very important to me because it helps strengthen my respiratory system, cultivate my cardiovascular system, keep my body fat low, and feel better overall. These days I participate in multiple 5k, 10k, marathon runs, and obstacle courses that require me to be in performance shape. These events would be no fun at all if I did not spend time training my body for them. Looking good is feeling good and feeling good is looking good to me. I love the lean look for myself and how my muscles pop out and can be identified from one another. The look definitely counts! Fitness counts because I make it count. I could not imagine living without it.

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