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How Working Out Became Apart of My Everyday Life

Growing up I always loved the game of basketball. Allen Iverson, one of the greatest PGs of all time, was my favorite player to watch; the way he took defenders to the goal, broke their ankle, pulled up in their faces at the drop of a dime, and just made defenders [Tyronn Lue] look ridiculous! My aspiration as a youngster was to be like the greatest when I got older. A few problems that would hinder me from this far reaching dream were: I was short, could not dunk, could not shoot well, and lacked much less confidence on an organized team than I did playing street ball with my friends. All and all I loved the game of basketball. SN: I had all the handles and could take anyone to the rack. BANG BANG!

My 8th grade year approached and I moved to Zachary, La. It was a new town, new people, new school, and most importantly at the time a new basketball team. I ended up making the basketball team and realized that some of these "8th graders" we were playing against were about 18 years old and very strong. So guess what! I had to get my push up strength up! SN: Stephen Williams told me "man I been knew that you would be into fitness. You used to call a time out on the video game just to do push ups". LOL . After the seasons were over (basketball and cross country), I tried out for Zachary High's 9th grade team and made it. It was time for summer league ball. SN: almost every guy in Zachary hated me because I made their team and all of their girls liked me! Young Stud Muffin!

I will never forget the day when couch Poche(spell check) told us that we didn't have gym practice but instead were going to the weight room. I had never been in a real weight room so I was nervous to be honest. My brother had a little bench at the house but I never thought twice about messing with that thing, especially since it was dusty and always had spiders crawling on it. Once coach opened the doors of the weight room, I looked like a kid in a candy store. I didn't know what the majority of the machines were but I sure wanted to learn. Coach had a list of stations and drills for us to perform that day: box jumps, jump ropes, bench press, squats, dead lifts, and rope drills. From that very day it was to hell with that basketball stuff!! I wanted to be in this gym! But I needed basketball to access the gym -_-. Playing ball was cool but I anticipated the days that we went to the gym. That was the beginning of my fitness journey.

Fast forward to 2013. I moved to Southern California, where the weather and scenery leaves you no other option but to be out doors. Here, I developed a love of running and biking just from wanting to explore the city without having a car. Already being in pretty good shape, I realized that my respiratory system began to improve and a decent body shape was upon me. I slowly started to actually enjoy running long distances. It was not until I joined the army in 2014 that I graduated from enjoying to loving long distance runs.

"On ya left, get in step, on ya left, get in step. Left, left, left right, cha le-eft". Other soldiers dreaded waking up at 4:00 a.m. to form up and haul tail for 2,3, and 4 miles in the mornings, but I loved it! It made getting a day of boot camp much easier to start for me. In the army there is something called a PT[Army Physical Fitness Test] which includes push ups, sit ups, and a two mile run. The highest score to obtain on this test is 300 and the scores are measured by how many push ups and sit ups a soldier can complete in 2 minutes, plus running the two miles under a certain amount of time. My score on my very first diagnostic PT test was a 255. Even though I scored the highest of my whole class, I wasn't satisfied at all! From that day forward, whatever "free" time I had in basic, I spent it running, doing push ups, performing pull ups, and knocking out dips. I dedicated myself to proving to myself that I could be much better than I showed. Guess what? I never made under a 300 on any PT test after that the rest of my duration in the military. My body transformed dramatically in basic training. I was really "cut" and had abs of steel! Seeing that made me go harder and harder. Once in my regular unit at Fort Hood, I began to hit the gym hard. The gym was must almost every day just to see more and more transformation. It went from wanting to see transformation to it being a solid hobby. I couldn't and still can't go more than two days without engaging in some kind of intense physical activity.

Over time, I began to study how I could produce what ever physical results that I wanted and eventually picked up on the overall health aspect of a fitness lifestyle. I could go on and on and add plenty of details to this story but you would have to have absolutely nothing to do to sit there and read it all. Even with a disk bulge in my lower back, I will always continue to push my body. It'll have to shut down on me if it wants me to stop. Now I'm blessed to help others around me develop this same lifestyle; A Relentless Lifestyle.

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